Linda Wicker-Expression and Experimentation

   “What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing”  -Aristotle

     An attractive aspect of the ACEO format (art cards editions and originals, 2.5×3.5″) is how well it lends itself to both the expression and the experimentation of the artist. A small art piece is less expensive and less time-consuming to produce thereby allowing its creator to explore a variety of styles, themes, and subject matter.

     Linda Wicker, an imaginative, self-taught ACEO artist, is an intriguing example of a creative mind navigating the many routes one’s creative expression must travel during its life-long journey toward self-discovery.   Linda’s vulnerability is utterly disarming, as is her courage.  She regularly posts on eBay where she invites us to live in her psyche and to witness her progress as an artist. She successfully sells whimsical creations (crazy kitty cats and giraffes for example), animal studies, southwest and ethnic compositions, expressionism style portraits as well as pyro wood burned pieces. She is multi-talented and never fails to surprise, startle and amuse.

    Linda Wicker is the single mother of four great kids whose parents have strongly supported her creativity since childhood. She enriches the lives of her children by passing down this same, lovely gift.  I encourage my readers to explore Linda’s world on eBay and on her website where, I am confident, you will find inspiration, joy, and a little treasure or two that would find the perfect home in your ACEO collection.

     This is the piece that first brought Linda to my attention. The image is arresting and makes me wonder what has captured his attention so completely. The contrast of cool and warm color tones is so perfect, as is his posture. This is a big favorite of mine from a field of hundreds of ACEOs from a variety of artists on eBay and I look forward to seeing Linda’s future work. I also include a pic strip below illustrating the many faces of Linda Wicker’s art.

Linda on Facebook

Linda’s Website

Linda on eBay


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