July 2012 Acquisition-Jack Larson

        Daily, our consciousness is saturated by imagery streaming in from TV, from film, from social media on our phones and computers, and, of course, from advertising campaigns.  We take visual stimulation for granted, accepting the good with the bad and the mediocre. If something stands out, we are momentarily impressed and then move on. Would any of us recognize a little seed of creative genius if we accidentally stepped on it? I cannot answer that question. I have not the background, the experience or the training to do so. But this month’s acquisition, purchased in an online auction from Jack Larson on ebay, has introduced me to a prolific creative artist who blows my mind.

   I live in the southwest where we are not shocked by death depicted in art. The Day of the Dead celebrations, which use such imagery, which are popular and to which I look forward each year just so that I can revel in all the ‘skellies’ without appearing overly morbid, celebrate life by remembering those who have died.  Because of my affection for this traditional artwork, I was interested in finding out about this skull (ACEO #261 in his 1000 Zombies series) on ebay (pictured to the right and which is my July 2012 Acquisition).  I was led to a uniquely talented artist, Jack Larson.

   When I look at  this painting, I see fear, agony and an acceptance of the inevitable; in other words, the human condition. His startling ability to convey strong emotion, his unself-conscious brushwork and his arresting use of color tempt me to dangle the word ‘genius’ in front of his cat.

  Anyone who loves zombies and zombie art already knows Jack Larson, and I feel a tingle crawling up my spine telling me his army of zombies will, someday, take over the world…

Jack on Ebay

Jack on Facebook

Jack’s Twitter

Art Portfolio and custom Zombie Portraits


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