Hands Across the Water-Helene and Alexandra

     A laborer works with his hands; a craftsman with his hands and his head; an artist with his hands, his head and his heart.”

Secret Night-H. Howse

I do not remember who said this, but two artists, a mother and a daughter from the United Kingdom, come to mind immediately. Helene Howse, the mother, and Alexandra Lobban, the daughter, have kept me fascinated for some time now with their glorious celebrations of nature and the world around us.

   Helene Howse, nee Morand, was born in St. Lo, France in 1944, came to Britain in 1963, and has lived in Swindon since 1972. She studied art in her native country, but says painting became a passion that changed her life in 1995, after a period of private study under the tutelage of a gifted artist and ex-head of Art and Design with Swindon College. Since that time, she has held several solo eshibitions in both France and Englend.

   Helene’s ACEOs are painted with artist’s acrylics on quality art paper, backed on a card, with the occasional use of mixed media. They possess movement, vibrance, and texture guided by a highly skilled and inspired hand.

English Cottage-A. Lobban

   Alexandra Lobban lives in her beloved Kernow(Cornwall) and taught herself to embroider some years ago. She prefers to use silk thread because of its rich feel and the diverse colors available, and produces her miniature works of art (needle paintings) using a freestyle technique which incorporates a variety of stitches.

   Alexandra’s ACEOs are usually done on a black  evenweave cotton background mounted on a card. By using just the right silk threads, she depicts her chosen subject in prcise detail and vibrant color, along with a surprising dimension. She possesses an intuitive eye and a deft hand.

   These two lovely women share a shop on Ebay (alexandra_aarl), as well as a website (aceoart.co.uk), where you will see stunning galleries of their artwork.

   The beauty, the delicacy, and the fine detail incorporated into these pieces are impossible to show fully in a scan or photograph due to the textures, but I belive their artistry comes across perfectly.  Whether one is a themed collector (flowers only, owls only, or landscapes only for example), a fine art collector, or an eclectic collector like me, adding one of these little beauties will give your collection valuble dimenson and depth.

   Sharing venues makes sense for Alexandra and Helene. Each artist has her own distinct voice while complementing the other. I have many ‘favorites’ from each of these prolific artists and I happily present a gallery containing a few of them for my readers to enjoy. Better yet, stop by their website, mentioned above, and prepare yourself to be ‘wowed’. 


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