Sarah’s Hand

   Abstract art may look simple and, one may think, easy to produce. Not so. An aesthetically pleasing work of abstract art takes a good eye for line and color, a sense of balance, and a great deal of practice. 

   Sarah Davenport is one of my favorite abstract artists. She is inventive and creative with all of the talents necessary to produce stunning works of art.

   Sarah, pen name Davs, is the daughter of artist Leonard Davenport and she has taught herself how to integrate color, texture and line into her work. In a recent interview with me, she described being conscious of her artistic ability in grade school but only began making art on a daily basis three years ago, giving her inspirations free rein to manifest themselves. She has always been inspired by dreams, by books, by music, and, as an adult, by her two boys.  Qualities of innocence and intricate organic textures attract her as well.  Sarah explained that having an outlet for her creativity has been beneficial to her life.

   Sarah’s oil paintings are richly imbued with intense color and interesting movement. I show three of my favorites on this page. These original paintings can be found in her Etsy shop, along with a wonderful array of other fine works.

  I found Sarah through our mutual love of ACEOs (art cards editions and originals).  These miniatures (2.5×3.5″) are a great way for an artist to experiment, to share affordable artworks, and to introduce themselves to the public.  Her ACEO paintings can also be purchased in her Etsy shop.

   For those of you interested in creating abstract ACEOS, Sarah, in keeping with her generosity of spirit, demonstrates some of her techniques in a series of slideshows on her blog. She uses pens, acrylic paint, colored pencils and, well, anything she can get her hands on to create her cards. Very cool and worth checking out.

Sarah’s Blog

Sarah’s Facebook

Sarah on Etsy

Sarah on Twitter


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