Linda Wicker-Expression and Experimentation

   “What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing”  -Aristotle

     An attractive aspect of the ACEO format (art cards editions and originals, 2.5×3.5″) is how well it lends itself to both the expression and the experimentation of the artist. A small art piece is less expensive and less time-consuming to produce thereby allowing its creator to explore a variety of styles, themes, and subject matter.

     Linda Wicker, an imaginative, self-taught ACEO artist, is an intriguing example of a creative mind navigating the many routes one’s creative expression must travel during its life-long journey toward self-discovery.   Linda’s vulnerability is utterly disarming, as is her courage.  She regularly posts on eBay where she invites us to live in her psyche and to witness her progress as an artist. She successfully sells whimsical creations (crazy kitty cats and giraffes for example), animal studies, southwest and ethnic compositions, expressionism style portraits as well as pyro wood burned pieces. She is multi-talented and never fails to surprise, startle and amuse.

    Linda Wicker is the single mother of four great kids whose parents have strongly supported her creativity since childhood. She enriches the lives of her children by passing down this same, lovely gift.  I encourage my readers to explore Linda’s world on eBay and on her website where, I am confident, you will find inspiration, joy, and a little treasure or two that would find the perfect home in your ACEO collection.

     This is the piece that first brought Linda to my attention. The image is arresting and makes me wonder what has captured his attention so completely. The contrast of cool and warm color tones is so perfect, as is his posture. This is a big favorite of mine from a field of hundreds of ACEOs from a variety of artists on eBay and I look forward to seeing Linda’s future work. I also include a pic strip below illustrating the many faces of Linda Wicker’s art.

Linda on Facebook

Linda’s Website

Linda on eBay


July 2012 Acquisition-Jack Larson

        Daily, our consciousness is saturated by imagery streaming in from TV, from film, from social media on our phones and computers, and, of course, from advertising campaigns.  We take visual stimulation for granted, accepting the good with the bad and the mediocre. If something stands out, we are momentarily impressed and then move on. Would any of us recognize a little seed of creative genius if we accidentally stepped on it? I cannot answer that question. I have not the background, the experience or the training to do so. But this month’s acquisition, purchased in an online auction from Jack Larson on ebay, has introduced me to a prolific creative artist who blows my mind.

   I live in the southwest where we are not shocked by death depicted in art. The Day of the Dead celebrations, which use such imagery, which are popular and to which I look forward each year just so that I can revel in all the ‘skellies’ without appearing overly morbid, celebrate life by remembering those who have died.  Because of my affection for this traditional artwork, I was interested in finding out about this skull (ACEO #261 in his 1000 Zombies series) on ebay (pictured to the right and which is my July 2012 Acquisition).  I was led to a uniquely talented artist, Jack Larson.

   When I look at  this painting, I see fear, agony and an acceptance of the inevitable; in other words, the human condition. His startling ability to convey strong emotion, his unself-conscious brushwork and his arresting use of color tempt me to dangle the word ‘genius’ in front of his cat.

  Anyone who loves zombies and zombie art already knows Jack Larson, and I feel a tingle crawling up my spine telling me his army of zombies will, someday, take over the world…

Jack on Ebay

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Art Portfolio and custom Zombie Portraits

Hands Across the Water-Helene and Alexandra

     A laborer works with his hands; a craftsman with his hands and his head; an artist with his hands, his head and his heart.”

Secret Night-H. Howse

I do not remember who said this, but two artists, a mother and a daughter from the United Kingdom, come to mind immediately. Helene Howse, the mother, and Alexandra Lobban, the daughter, have kept me fascinated for some time now with their glorious celebrations of nature and the world around us.

   Helene Howse, nee Morand, was born in St. Lo, France in 1944, came to Britain in 1963, and has lived in Swindon since 1972. She studied art in her native country, but says painting became a passion that changed her life in 1995, after a period of private study under the tutelage of a gifted artist and ex-head of Art and Design with Swindon College. Since that time, she has held several solo eshibitions in both France and Englend.

   Helene’s ACEOs are painted with artist’s acrylics on quality art paper, backed on a card, with the occasional use of mixed media. They possess movement, vibrance, and texture guided by a highly skilled and inspired hand.

English Cottage-A. Lobban

   Alexandra Lobban lives in her beloved Kernow(Cornwall) and taught herself to embroider some years ago. She prefers to use silk thread because of its rich feel and the diverse colors available, and produces her miniature works of art (needle paintings) using a freestyle technique which incorporates a variety of stitches.

   Alexandra’s ACEOs are usually done on a black  evenweave cotton background mounted on a card. By using just the right silk threads, she depicts her chosen subject in prcise detail and vibrant color, along with a surprising dimension. She possesses an intuitive eye and a deft hand.

   These two lovely women share a shop on Ebay (alexandra_aarl), as well as a website (, where you will see stunning galleries of their artwork.

   The beauty, the delicacy, and the fine detail incorporated into these pieces are impossible to show fully in a scan or photograph due to the textures, but I belive their artistry comes across perfectly.  Whether one is a themed collector (flowers only, owls only, or landscapes only for example), a fine art collector, or an eclectic collector like me, adding one of these little beauties will give your collection valuble dimenson and depth.

   Sharing venues makes sense for Alexandra and Helene. Each artist has her own distinct voice while complementing the other. I have many ‘favorites’ from each of these prolific artists and I happily present a gallery containing a few of them for my readers to enjoy. Better yet, stop by their website, mentioned above, and prepare yourself to be ‘wowed’. 

Stuccoloco Aceo Artwork on Mugs

   My Stuccoloco blog has a new posting all about mugs vividly printed with my artwork: espresso mugs, travel mugs, jumbo coffee mugs, coffee/tea mugs, and more styles.  The Virgin of Guadalupe is featured, along with butterflies, Day of the Dead art, mermaids and other favorite subjects of mine. Check it out when you get a chance. Thanks!

Stuccoloco online merch

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June 2012 Acquisition

   Once a month I purchase an ACEO (art card editions and originals) work of art that I feel illustrates why these miniature (2.5×3.5″) works of art are so special.

For June 2012, I found a stunning work ‘infused with healing energy’ from Breten Bryden (capecodartist on Ebay). She is a resident of Cape Cod and a humanitarian as well. I share the introduction from her website:

     As a native “Cape Codder” Breten has always been drawn to the luminosity of her natural surroundings. Driven to express this beauty outwardly, she paints local scenes of dunes, beaches, sailboats, and lighthouses, only to name a few. It seems that her grandparents felt that same inspiration, as three of them were also Cape artists, and  their work inspired her to carry on what seems to be a large part of her heritage. While constantly learning and growing, each new creation blossoms from a bud of fresh awareness.

      Breten lives on Cape Cod, MA with her two daughters and their cat.

      Along with her artwork and being a mom,  Breten shares her time as a respite provider for developmentally challenged individuals. Her creative journey is a spiritual one as she constantly seeks to release the beauty she feels within and share it with the world. “My work reflects the light I see in everything,” Breten says, “Whether it’s the sunlight, the moonlight or just the pure inner light radiating from the souls of all beings.”

I am delighted with the piece, pictured above. It was shipped quickly, packaged professionally, and I can whole-heartedly recommend her ACEOs as listed on Ebay.

Sarah’s Hand

   Abstract art may look simple and, one may think, easy to produce. Not so. An aesthetically pleasing work of abstract art takes a good eye for line and color, a sense of balance, and a great deal of practice. 

   Sarah Davenport is one of my favorite abstract artists. She is inventive and creative with all of the talents necessary to produce stunning works of art.

   Sarah, pen name Davs, is the daughter of artist Leonard Davenport and she has taught herself how to integrate color, texture and line into her work. In a recent interview with me, she described being conscious of her artistic ability in grade school but only began making art on a daily basis three years ago, giving her inspirations free rein to manifest themselves. She has always been inspired by dreams, by books, by music, and, as an adult, by her two boys.  Qualities of innocence and intricate organic textures attract her as well.  Sarah explained that having an outlet for her creativity has been beneficial to her life.

   Sarah’s oil paintings are richly imbued with intense color and interesting movement. I show three of my favorites on this page. These original paintings can be found in her Etsy shop, along with a wonderful array of other fine works.

  I found Sarah through our mutual love of ACEOs (art cards editions and originals).  These miniatures (2.5×3.5″) are a great way for an artist to experiment, to share affordable artworks, and to introduce themselves to the public.  Her ACEO paintings can also be purchased in her Etsy shop.

   For those of you interested in creating abstract ACEOS, Sarah, in keeping with her generosity of spirit, demonstrates some of her techniques in a series of slideshows on her blog. She uses pens, acrylic paint, colored pencils and, well, anything she can get her hands on to create her cards. Very cool and worth checking out.

Sarah’s Blog

Sarah’s Facebook

Sarah on Etsy

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